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Preserving the Places You Love

To live in Western North Carolina – among well-worn mountains, waterfalls, valleys, rivers, hidden creeks, forests and open meadows – is to be constantly immersed in and awed by beauty.


Formerly known as Conservation Advisors of NC, we’ve been helping environmentally minded owners preserve open spaces, and protect the integrity and value of their land since 1998. Our team ensures the long-term protection of the scenic beauty, wildlife habitat, water quality, and other natural attributes of the Southern Appalachians.

Through conservation easements and more sustainable development, we help owners preserve their beloved and valuable lands, achieve estate, state, and federal tax benefits, and ensure that the pristine beauty of Western North Carolina endures for generations to come.


Land Conservation
Witherspoon, Platt, & Associates

Buying Conserved Land

As longtime residents and conservation professionals, we have extensive knowledge of North Carolina’s most beautiful open spaces and properties.

Conservation Consulting

We can help create a conservation strategy that makes sense for your present and future needs by working with conservation experts, land trusts, and developers

Selling Conserved Land

Our team will find the conservation-minded buyers who understand the value and importance of your preserved property.


Conservation Connections

We’ll connect you with the more than 23 land trusts in North Carolina who help us protect property by either holding land or establishing conservation easements.

River Restoration & Preservation Projects

If we want to pass on this magic to our children — the soundscape of rivers, jewels of light in flowing water, the cold clear pools that harbor trout — what can we do?


Woody reached out to Kieran Roe with Conserving Carolina to inquire about restoration.

No restoration could happen without the support of the neighbors across the river, Carl and Lois Ganner, who joined the project.


A wide cast of partners came together, including Conserving Carolina, NRCS, USFWS, Wolf Creek Engineering, Transylvania County Soil and Water Conservation District, Conservation Advisors of North Carolina, North State Environmental, Resource Institute, NC Land and Water Fund, NC Department of Justice, and NC Division of Water Resources.

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