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One Last Goodbye from Woody Platt & the Duck Band

Posted on Bluegrass Today March 25, 2022 By John Lawless

Melton & Miller Music has a new single today for Woody Platt, guitarist and lead singer with Steep Canyon Rangers.

Entitled One Last Goodbye, and written by Chris Stapleton and Barry Bales, it marks the first recording from a group of noted bluegrass musicians who get together occasionally to hunt and enjoy the outdoors. Woody credits Barry for assembling this group, and no one in bluegrass is a more avid outdoorsman than Barry Bales.

Loosely known as The Duck Band, as they are often called upon to perform at hunting and charity events around the country, the group includes Jerry Douglas on reso-guitar, Barry Bales on bass, Rob McCoury on banjo, Darren Shumaker on mandolin, and Buddy Melton on harmony vocals. Platt plays guitar and sings the lead.

With that sort of superpicker lineup and award-winning writers, you might expect something special, which is just what Woody delivers on this track. It’s a fast moving grasser with a contemporary vibe, which Platt says he feels fortunate to cut.

“It was a great honor to be able to record this song with some of my all time favorite bluegrass musicians! I’d like to thank Buddy Melton for the concept, execution and for the discovery of this great song written by Chris Stapleton and Barry Bales.”

Check it out…

One Last Goodbye from Woody Platt is available now from popular download and streaming services online.

Radio programmers will find the track at AirPlay Direct.


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