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Woody Platt announces departure from Steep Canyon Rangers

Posted on Bluegrass Today April 25, 2022 By John Lawless

Woody Platt, founding member of Steep Canyon Rangers, has announced his imminent departure from the band after 23 years.

The guitarist and vocalist has recently released a single, One Last Goodbye, from an upcoming solo project which made it to #1 on our Bluegrass Today Weekly AirPlay chart. In a radio interview for Terry Herd’s Into The Blue broadcast, he mentioned how much he was enjoying doing shows with the guys on the record, who he describes as The Duck Band, and how he is looking forward to more events with them in future.

Platt says that touring and recording with the Steeps has brought him tremendous joy, and he wishes them all the best moving forward.

“Being a Steep Canyon Ranger has been one of the highlights of my life! I was so fortunate to meet a few wonderful friends in college while simultaneously reconnecting with childhood friends and together, from the ground up, we built something truly special! It’s been an honor and absolute joy to be a member of this band — I’m incredibly excited to see what gold lies ahead for my brothers in music – the Steep Canyon Rangers!”

Woody and the rest of the guys – Graham Sharp (banjo), Mike Guggino (mandolin), Nicky Sanders (fiddle), Mike Ashworth (bass), and Barrett Smith (guitar) – are currently in the studio working on a new single.

Speaking jointly, the Rangers wish Woody well in his future endeavors.

“Obviously, Steep Canyon Rangers wouldn’t be where we are without Woody; we’ll miss him and we wish him all the success in the world in his next chapter. Right now we’ve got a renewed energy around the change. It’s given us a chance to unlock everyone’s talent and has made room for us to step into some new roles. We truly think our fans are going to love where we’re heading right now and can’t wait to get it on stage and in the studio.”

You will still see Platt on stage over the next few months with the band, with an end date not firmly established.


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